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Frequently Asked Questions - ID Camp


 Where is check-in?

Check-in will occur at the Wayne State College Soccer Field. The WSC Soccer Field entrance is located at the T-intersection of Lindahl Drive and Walnut Street. Visitor parking is located in Lot 10 which is across Lindahl Drive, south of the soccer field.

 Where can I pick up the campers at the end of camp?

You can pick up your camper at the WSC Soccer Field at the end of Day 2

 What is the camp schedule?

Camp Schedule is listed under each camp.

 What will happen during lecture time, break time, etc?

During the “Lunch and Lecture” time, campers will get the opportunity to eat lunch and then will receive talks from the Camp Coaching Staff about various topics including the college recruiting process, life of a college athlete, etc.

Once dismissed for the Day, campers will return to their living area where they will have the opportunity to interact with each other as well as the camp counselors.

 Are meals provided?

Overnight campers will be provided lunch and dinner on Day 1, and breakfast and lunch on Day 2.

Commuter campers will be provided lunch and dinner on Day 1, and lunch on Day 2.

 Will there be sports medicine coverage for camp?

Yes, there will be a certified Athletic Trainer on-site for the camp to help campers with any injuries or sports medicine needs (taping, bracing, etc) before, during, and after training sessions.  Campers are asked to let camp staff and Athletic trainer know about any pre-existing conditions before the start of camp.  Campers are also asked to bring all necessary medications and any medications they may need (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc) as our staff is not permitted to give medication to campers.

 What should all campers bring to camp?

• Soccer bag
• Soccer cleats
• Flat surface shoes (indoor soccer shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, etc.)
• Soccer socks (multiple pairs)
• Shin guards
• Water bottle
• Appropriate practice clothes (shorts and t-shirts)
• Rain jacket or wind-breaker
• Snacks

 What should overnight campers bring to camp?

• Towels & Linens / Sleeping Bag / Pillow (If Staying In Dorms)
• All Necessary Toiletries & Medications Needed For An Overnight Stay
• Extra Clothes For Down Time & Sleeping
• Extra Spending Money


 Are the dorms / hotel supervised for overnight camps?

Yes, camp counselors will be housed on each floor of residence hall/hotel. Camp staff will be on-call for any off hour situations.

 Who are the camp counselors?

The camp counselors are upperclassmen members of the Wayne State College Women’s Soccer team.

 Can I come watch my camper during camp?

Parents and family members are welcome to come watch their camper any time during camp.